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Basic characteristics   (31.12.2012)
Indicator Value
Code of municipality 504203
Name of district Senica
Name of region Trnavskı
Municipality statute urban
Postcode 905 01
Phone code 034
The earliest recorded mention 1217
Altitude of municipality - town 206
Surface area of municipality [m2] 50 290 226
Population density [population per km2] 404

Gravity of Municipality   (31.12.2012)
Indicator Value
Seat of birth register office Senica
Seat of tax office Trnava
Seat of police force office Senica
Seat of District court office Senica
Seat of department of Fire Protection Brigade Senica
Seat of District office Senica
Seat of Territorial military office Trnava
Seat of Office for labour, social affairs and family Senica
Seat of Environmental Office Senica

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